Find Your Fate

Cold World x Moonlight (Official Video) - Sunny Vizion

Es beginnt - Sportcheck

The Battlefield - Darmstadt Diamonds Football

Parookaville - Deichmann

Commercial Shot - Al Fazaa

Find Your Fate

Find Your Fate

Sunny Vizion

Cold World x Moonlight (Official Video)


Es Beginnt

Darmstadt Diamonds




Al Fazza

Commercial Shot

Theo von Asmuth


Theo von Asmuth was born and raised on a small island on the Philippines. At the age of 8, he and his family moved to Berlin. In 2010, he began studying film at the university of Darmstadt/Dieburg, where he discovered his passion for music videos and commercials. With an extensive experience as director as well as cinematographer, Theo decided to place special focus on directing and started his career as freelancer. After a year abroad in south-east-asia, during which he realized several own film projects, he’s finally back in Frankfurt am Main.

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