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Moritz Laube


Moritz Laube was born in 1979. Since the early days of his childhood, Moritz staged his friends and invented stories which later on became short films and music videos. After a small excursion into the world of German literature, Philosophy and psychology, Moritz began to work as an intern for a postproduction company. Lucky for us, Moritz decided to turn his childhood hobby into a career – his internship marked his entry into the world of commercial film. Only one year later, he worked as one of the youngest cutters for renowned directors such as Nico Beyer, Nika & Til,, Pepe Danquardt and Detlev Buck.

However, Moritz never lost interest in feature films and documentaries. He has worked as editor for Wim Wender’s documentation “Viel passiert” (2002) on the rock group BAP and the feature film “Land of Plenty” (2004) which celebrated its premiere in Venice. Parallel to his work in the film industry, Moritz studied Directing at the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie in Berlin (2001-2006).

With his spec-spot for “TV Spielfilm” Moritz went on to win the Young Directors’ Award in Cannes, marking the beginning of his career as director for commercials. During his career he had the pleasure to work for clients such as McDonald’s, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Allianz, Coop, Lipton and with celebrities such as Stefan Raab, Lena Meyer-Landrut, Anke Engelke, Toni Polster among others.

Over the years he has really made a name for himself as ‘actor’-director. As visually motivated director, Moritz is always on the search for new, modern looks – i.e. his creative and experimental process always starts in the world of photography before applying these techniques onto the medium film.

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