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Die Olympiasiegerin


Projekt Kita





GSK Deutschland


World Vision

Peter Maffay und VJ

Jan Hellstern


Born in Ludwigsburg in 1968, Jan started his career as an intern at Radio Tele Allgäu. From there on, he worked in very different positions in several production companies or as freelancer.

On the side, he began a writing career in 2000. He created the script for the film “Dangerous Confidence” with director Bodo Fuerneisen. He wrote other scripts such as “Just thewayyouare” or “Flesh and Blood”, and partly realized them as director or co-director.

He won several awards, one of them at the ITVA Festival Gold for his Corporate Film Salzgitter AG. Jan is fluent in German, English and French.

All in all, Jan is a fantastically nice character, truly a whirling fountain of ideas, who basically gives his best to achieve the best result for the film in deep understanding of customers‘ demands. As soon as you make his acquaintance, you’ll know what is meant by this description.

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