Launch campaign 2022


The Project


Together with a creative agency, we were called upon to create a valuable, authentic launch campaign in the social media area for a new anti-aging care series.


Of course, product benefits and information on efficacy were important. But above all, we needed to clearly differentiate ourselves from the established competitors. Neutrogena's scientific expertise should become clear but in an authentic and emotional way.

The Challenge

Generate a comprehensive visual toolkit from the strategy and a coherent concept that can be played out in a variety of channels and formats.

All assets had to complement each other in terms of content, fit together, reflect the requirements of the phrases, and be implemented in a budget-efficient manner.

Our Solution


Our guiding principle is to convey the DNA of the brand. Always new, always surprising - but clearly NEUTROGENA at its core. Visual language and storytelling follow the tonality of the brand. At the same time, the appearance was visually modernized and further developed again and again.


For the launch, we used professionally produced online videos on YouTube as well as user-generated content on various social media platforms. By the way, one OLV performed so well that it even became a TV commercial.


Focus on consideration assets. Video cutdowns, rate&review formats, static and animated content with clear call-to-action.

The result

A successful and authentic market launch with very good sales figures.



Social Media Content

User-Generated Content

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