the right touch

What you are looking most for after your first holiday without parents?

Coming back home and receiving a great meal.

Together with director Christian Riebe and McCann, Düsseldorf we tell a little, emotional slice of life for Miele and their new M-Touch controls...


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Christian Riebe

Christian Riebe was born in 1975 Germany. When he was 15 years old, he contributed to filmmaking for the first time being in involved in the Art Department in a feature film production. That was the moment Christian fell in love with the whole industry. After graduating from school he devoted himself entirely to filmmaking, making his way from props buyer to Art Director. He worked on lots of features and TV series in that period.

Whilst on set Christian realized he could do much more, which is why he enrolled in the Filmacademie Baden-Wuerttemberg in 2000, specializing in directing advertising. Whilst studying he started to work as an assistant to the VFX supervisor on “The Thief Lord” movie, eventually developing himself into a fully fledged VFX supervisor. Later Christian was nominated for the National German TV Award in the “Best Visual Effects” category. After his graduation in 2005 he has successfully directed lots of commercials around the world, always leaving behind satisfied agencies and happy clients. A strong blend of intimacy and precision allows Christian brings out the best in a product while shooting tabletop-centered work.

However, his natural shooting style lends itself perfectly to warm, family and children work. 

Christian truly enjoys working with kids and has developed a style that works well for him.

His approach centres on giving the kids space to just be themselves, rather than cluttering their heads with too much direction and information. Kids thrive when they get to figure things out for themselves and when they feel like they are contributing and helping. From there Christian gets involved and works with the scene

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